I spent almost 4 years at Hootsuite, starting as a designer, and leaving as Art Director, managing the Marketing Design Team. When I started at Hootsuite they were still very much in start-up mode, with a little over 50 employees. When I left 4 years later, Hootsuite was a global company, with upwards of 1200 employees. During my time there I was involved in everything from designing the environmental graphics for the offices themselves thru window graphics, wall graphics, and murals. I was part of the team that led Hootsuite thru a significant rebrand, complete with new logo and visual identity, and I worked on a large variety of projects from social media campaigns, to marketing collateral pieces such as infographics, case studies, guides, and whitepapers. I continue to engage with Hootsuite as a contractor, still providing them with office graphic work every time they expand and open a new office.

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