Who am I?

I’m an art director, artist, and designer with over 20 years of experience. I have a BFA and a Master’s in art, which often comes through in my work as a designer—I like to utilize traditional art-making materials in my work, and work on paper with a pencil or some paint before moving things to the digital realm. But, I can also leave all that behind and make a nice tidy corporate report, for example.

Jason is a truly remarkable designer and a natural mentor to others. He is intellectual, talented, a good listener, and a great story-teller. He is outstanding at transforming half-baked ideas and loose concepts into something beautiful.

Noel Pullen, Tech Executive, Hootsuite | Sedna | Map Labs

Some history.

I started my career in design working as a Graphic Specialist for IKEA for over 10 years. My tenure at IKEA took me to many cities in North America, as well as Lisbon, Portugal where I worked on designs for new IKEA stores. I followed that up with almost 5 years working at VANOC (The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games) where I literally had the dream job of working with some incredibly talented team members on developing and implementing the visual design system known as The Look of the Games. After the games, I sharpened my digital chops at Hootsuite for a little over three years. With plenty of experience in traditional print design, large-scale environmental design, and web design under my belt, I set out on my own, creating Esteban Creative almost a decade ago.

building super
good brands.

In addition to the work I do on my own as Esteban Creative, I actually do the bulk of my work as the Art & Design Director at banter grace & lollipop, the best little creative studio in Vancouver! At BGL I have the great privilege of working with the incredible Rob MacDonald on a variety of exciting and diverse projects. If you reach out to me with some possible work, my first task is always to determine if it would be a better fit for banter grace & lollipop and benefit from the collaborative magic that happens when Rob and I work together.

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