I’d like to make you something nice.

I’m a designer, art director, and illustrator, with a large diversity of experience. Whether you need a logo, website, vehicle wrap or brochure, It’s very likely the thing you need is something I can make. I could also make you a plate of Grapefruit Avocado with Balsamic glaze, which isn’t about design, but is one of my favourite things and what better way to get to know each other than over good food, right?


Let me tell you a bit about myself. Who I am, some things I’ve done for work and for fun. And a very condensed short story about how I ended up here doing this. 


I’ve made quite a few things. Logos, websites, marketing documents, grandstand wraps, etc. Too many to list! Besides, pictures are better. 


How do I make these things? What kinds of services exactly do I offer? Is there a section of this website that has less questions?

Jason is a man of many skills: a great designer, amazing illustrator and all around swell guy. Some of his superpowers include his ability to collaborate with anyone and to remain calm under pressure. If you are stressed out, try this: stand next to him for a minute…you will notice your pulse drop and your breathing deepen. He is like a design buddhist monk or a waterfall.

Cameron Uganec, Marketing Executive, Hootsuite | Later | Thinkific

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