what’s going on up there?

For starters, I like to draw factories. The one above is a depiction of what my creative process would look like, were it a large-scale factory. There’s a process and a flow to it, from idea generation, all the way through to delivery.

Yeah, it’s a bit weird—and I can certainly do weird, if that’s what you’re after. But I can also lay out a financial report with no factory drawings at all. Just handsome tables and graphs. I like making those too. My background in art often gives my work a unique flavour, but I also quite like tidiness and order.

Let’s talk about which one of my skills would best fit the needs of your project!


Let me tell you a bit about myself. Who I am, what makes me tick. My opinions on teen fiction and the fact that I don’t like cake. That kind of thing.


I’ve made quite a few things. Logos, websites, marketing documents, grandstand wraps, etc.
But seeing is believing.


How do I make these things? What kinds of services exactly do I offer? Is there a section of this website that has less questions?

The background of this section was drawn by my son, Miró.

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